Montana Faces and Places 2020 Full Series- Recordings

Dates: July 23, 2020

Meets: Th from 12 N to 12 N

Location: Online Presentation

Wonderlust Member: $50.00

Recordings of this engaging and informative four part series are available for purchase through August 1, 2020.

The Travel Series Team is pleased to announce Montana Faces and Places 2020, online
Montana-based offerings, accompanied by relevant resources and recommendations. These programs are designed to deepen our knowledge and appreciation of the diverse people, communities and landscapes of the state we all call home.

Finding Adventure, Beauty, and New Friends on Montana’s Open Roads

Based on their recent 22-day, 2,000 mile circular road trip within Montana, Jeff King and Sara King will share ideas for creating lively and meaningful travel experiences on and near Montana’s beckoning open roads. Highlights of this 2-part program include engaging stories of the people and places they encountered along their route, in addition to recommendations for planning your own Montana road trip.

Montana’s Remote Centennial Valley and Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge

Bill West will lead us on a virtual visit to Montana’s remote Centennial Valley. He will outline the valley’s history, including the establishment of Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge. We’ll learn about valley ranching, be introduced to the valley’s iconic fish and wildlife (including Arctic grayling, wolves, grizzly bears and trumpeter swans), and learn how ranchers and wildlife advocates work together to resolve conflicts.

In the Spotlight: Rocky Mountain Laboratory in Hamilton, Montana

National and international news outlets have recently focused attention on the coronavirus/COVID19 research underway in western Montana’s Bitterroot Mountain town of Hamilton, population 4800. In this 2-part program, the Lab’s Dr. Marshall Bloom will discuss RML’s century-old history, its transition to a National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases under Dr. Tony Fauci, and its vital role in the current pandemic.

Montana’s Sibanye-Stillwater Mine: An Overview of Best Mining Practices by a Global Palladium and Platinum Producer

Geologist Paul Holick will outline the mining history of the Stillwater Complex in South Central Montana, including copper/nickel mining (1890s), chromite mining (WWII and the Korean War), and the current mining of palladium and platinum (1985 to present). Randy Weimer will address the mine's environmental and economic impacts on area communities and best modern mining practices, including Sibanye-Stillwater's internationally known Good Neighbor Agreement.

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Marshall Bloom

Marshall E. Bloom, M.D, a frequent RML spokesperson, is Associate Director for Scientific
Management and Chief of the Biology of Vector-borne Viruses Section, Laboratory of Virology,
Rocky Mountain Laboratories, a National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National
Institutes of Health.

Paul Holick

Paul Holick, a geologist at the Sibanye-Stillwater mine for 19 years, is currently Senior Development
Geologist supervising the generation of ore reserves.

Jeff & Sara King

Sara King, a recently retired human resources generalist, and Jeff King, a recently retired contractor, are avid advocates of lifelong learning. They see travel in Montana as an invaluable educator – a window into diverse lives, livelihoods and landscapes across our home state. These home-grown adventurers are eager to share what they’re learning.

Bill West

Bill West managed national wildlife refuges in Montana for 30 years, including assignments at the National Bison Range and Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge. His skills include partnership building for the conservation of fish and wildlife, neighbor/landowner relationships, sustainable agriculture, negotiations with Native American Tribal governments, and the management of wild bison, trumpeter swan, grizzly bear and Arctic grayling.

Randy Weimer

20+ years experience with Stillwater Mine and currently supervises the Environmental Group at the Sibanye-Stillwater mine.

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