Global Civics

Dates: October 13 - November 17, 2021

Meets: Wed. from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Location: Bozeman, MT - Hope Lutheran Church

OLLI Member: $75.00


Enrollment requires a 2021 - 2022 OLLI at MSU Membership

Instructor Stephen Maly, executive director at Helena Civic Television, will present a fresh, interdisciplinary overview of the rights and responsibilities of global citizenship in the 21st century. Individuals needs to know about the world at large in order to be responsible citizens of one's community, nation and the world. While some knowledge about how the government works is essential to exercising one's rights and privileges as a citizen, that's not sufficient in the 21st century, where societies are highly intertwined, interdependent and engaged in international relationships. Topics to be covered include basic principles and practices of governance in our American democracy within the contexts of the global economy, as well as world history, the global environment, international law, geography and intercultural exchange. The principles of sovereignty, legitimacy and subsidiarity provide our analytical framework. We are all citizens of our local and state community, our country and the world. We need to understand what is happening and why.

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Fee:   $75.00

Bozeman, MT - Hope Lutheran Church

2152 Graf St Bozeman, MT 59718

Stephen Maly

Stephen Maly founded Helena Civic Television and currently manages its statewide public affairs affiliate, TVMT. He joined the 49th Parallel Institute at MSU in 1982 to work on multiple endeavors involving U.S.-Canada relations in the West. In 1989, he was awarded a two-year fellowship from the Institute of Current World Affairs. After that, he worked for nine years as a research analyst for the Montana Legislature. Stephen earned a M.A. in international relations from the Johns Hopkins University and B.A. in international affairs from the University of Colorado-Boulder.
Date Day Time Location
10/13/2021Wednesday2 PM to 4 PM Bozeman, MT - Hope Lutheran Church
10/20/2021Wednesday2 PM to 4 PM Bozeman, MT - Hope Lutheran Church
10/27/2021Wednesday2 PM to 4 PM Bozeman, MT - Hope Lutheran Church
11/03/2021Wednesday2 PM to 4 PM Bozeman, MT - Hope Lutheran Church
11/10/2021Wednesday2 PM to 4 PM Bozeman, MT - Hope Lutheran Church
11/17/2021Wednesday2 PM to 4 PM Bozeman, MT - Hope Lutheran Church

Participants will learn about the principles of sovereignty, legitimacy and subsidiarity and how they provide an interwoven analytical framework for comprehending the trajectories of history. This combination provides a useful conceptual lens through which to scrutinize world trends and events. Geography shapes destiny. Politics and economics are inseparable. History repeats itself in that globalization is a recurring phenomenon even if the pace, scale and consequences of increasing interdependence changes. Media literacy is crucial to a thoughtful understanding of the world. Global threats and challenges require global responses and governance. Universal human rights are the end game of civilization.


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