Montana Weatherization Training Center Exams

Location: Remote and Face-to-Face

Select Your Exams: $0.00
: $0.00
Energy Auditor Written: $325.00
Energy Auditor Field: $650.00
Quality Ctrl Inspector Written: $325.00
Healthy Home Evaluator Written: $225.00
Building Analyst Written: $325.00
Building Analyst Field: $650.00
Heating Professional Written: $325.00
Heating Professional Field: $650.00
Envelope Professional Written: $325.00
Envelope Professional Field: $650.00
MT WAP: Energy Auditor Written: $0.00
MT WAP: Energy Auditor Field: $0.00
MT WAP: Quality Ctrl Written: $0.00
MT WAP: Healthy Home Written: $0.00
MT WAP: Bldg Analyst Written: $0.00
MT WAP: Bldg Analyst Field: $0.00
MT WAP: Healthy Home Written: $0.00
MT WAP: Heating Prof. Written: $0.00
MT WAP: Heating Prof. Field: $0.00
MT WAP: Envelope Prof. Written: $0.00
MT WAP: Envelope Prof. Field: $0.00

The Montana Weatherization Training Center is a registered Building Performance Institute (BPI) Testing Center. We offer proctoring for several BPI written and field exams including Energy Auditor, Quality Control Inspector, and Healthy Homes Evaluator. While we recommend taking our respective courses to prepare our students for the exams, it is not required.

To purchase a proctored exam, please use this page to register for exams. Students will need to contact an instructor to schedule a time to proctor the exam(s). We strive to keep our schedules flexible to accommodate the needs of our students.

In the wake of COVID-19 concerns around travel and social gatherings, the Montana Weatherization Training Center (MWTC) now offers remote test proctoring of written examinations for most BPI certifications: Quality Control Inspector (QCI), Healthy Home Evaluator (HHE), Building Analyst (BA), Heating Professional (HP), Envelope Professional (EP).

Unfortunately, BPI currently does not currently allow remote proctoring for Energy Auditor (EA) exams (as of February 2021).

We are happy to proctor EA or any other exams in-person utilizing proper protective measures at our Bozeman Training Center.

Please find a step-by-step tutorial on how to prepare for a virtual exam on our website at

Please email the following Instructors, or email the general inbox at and your email will be routed to the appropriate Instructor.

Chris Dorsi
Written/Online Exam Proctoring
Field Exam Proctoring
- EA, BA, EP, HP

Aaron Mugaas
Written/Online Exam Proctoring

Field Exam Proctoring


Please contact us at or call 406-586-0070 with any questions or concerns.

Fee:   $0.00

Fee Breakdown

Select Your Exams$ 0.00

$ 0.00
Energy Auditor Written$ 325.00
Energy Auditor Field$ 650.00
Quality Ctrl Inspector Written$ 325.00
Healthy Home Evaluator Written$ 225.00
Building Analyst Written$ 325.00
Building Analyst Field$ 650.00
Heating Professional Written$ 325.00
Heating Professional Field$ 650.00
Envelope Professional Written$ 325.00
Envelope Professional Field$ 650.00
MT WAP: Energy Auditor Written$ 0.00
MT WAP: Energy Auditor Field$ 0.00
MT WAP: Quality Ctrl Written$ 0.00
MT WAP: Healthy Home Written$ 0.00
MT WAP: Bldg Analyst Written$ 0.00
MT WAP: Bldg Analyst Field$ 0.00
MT WAP: Healthy Home Written$ 0.00
MT WAP: Heating Prof. Written$ 0.00
MT WAP: Heating Prof. Field$ 0.00
MT WAP: Envelope Prof. Written$ 0.00
MT WAP: Envelope Prof. Field$ 0.00

Remote and Face-to-Face

Chris Dorsi

Chris manages curriculum development and technical writing projects for the Montana Weatherization Training Center, along with delivering classroom and field training for both professionals and technicians. He's spent the last 40 years developing best practices for the housing industry, including publishing respected textbooks and technical curricula, developing training programs, and operating private construction organizations. Chris holds certifications from the Building Performance Institute as a Building Analyst, Heating Professional, Envelope Professional, and Healthy Home Evaluator. He's certified to proctor exams for all these specialties. Chris is the co-author of "Residential Energy: Cost Savings and Comfort for Existing Buildings," the "Homeowner's Handbook to Energy Efficiency," and other respected titles on sustainable design and energy-efficient construction. He's the founder of Habitat X, a nationwide professional development platform.

Aaron Mugaas

Aaron brings deep and relevant experience to the team, with decades of service to the weatherization industry as both a crew member and auditor. He’s also spent time in private industry as a house builder and home inspector. Aaron’s training includes degrees in Biology, and study in Land Resources and Environmental Sciences. His focus at the Training Center is on health and safety, building science, hands-on training of practical skills.


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